Indian traditional trade is an extremely dynamic market place where we have products, customers markets & organizations which are constantly evolving & changing rapidly. As a result of this also changing is the communication process, way to market brands, goes to market strategy, logistics, approach to services & above all consumer behavior. A constant up-gradation of general trade retailers is taking place in the Indian general trade scenario and it is not a surprising to see the traditional village grocer convert into a swanky self-serving store in no time. A revolution is happening in the traditional general stores all over India and the distribution has to be targeted & precise first.

General selling is out and specific and targeted sales, distribution & coverage are the key words to avoid the clutter & reach your target customer. The action in the Indian market is now moving towards the tier 2 & 3 towns. Mass coverage of the traditional trade is good for established players and for players with very deep pockets. Still they would also like to avoid the huge cost incurred in covering the not so productive outlets also. Targeted coverage gives companies the edge of being cost effective in a short time and increasing profits substantialy. Be there ‘at an arm’s length’ may not be true for all & sundry. A good product is an essential to start with, but it’s even more critical to get the right product in front of the right customer. No matter how dynamic the product is, if it does not get to the right customer in the right context it may not taste success.

Hence some questions have become more important such as am I in the right outlet ? Where is the right market for me? Where are the gaps, as my sales is stagnant? Do I have the right distributors? Is my coverage proper or do I increase coverage? Am I reaching the right outlets? Do I have the right infrastructure? etc. So how do you address all that? the only answer is ‘Real Time data’.
Here is where we step in, we collect & maintain an extensive & exhaustive real time database of Indian general trade also known as the Indian traditional trade outlets which constitutes different types of outlets as grocer, general store, departmental stores, super markets, beauty & cosmetics, Bakery, chemists, stationary etc. The database is quite detailed and goes beyond the general outlet name & address routine. We maintain a database of over 1 lac general trade outlets spread over 75 towns & cities.

We also maintain an extensive & detailed all India channel partner database which constitutes of Distributors, CFA’s, Super distributors, large format distributors, importers etc. with finer details like Firm type, companies held, space held, manpower, logistics etc. This is the infrastructural backbone of any organization. We maintain a database of over 5000 distributors spread over 100 towns. We maintain a database of over 175 CFA’s & Super stockiest spread over 100 towns and cities of India. We maintain a database of 5000 salons spread across 125 plus towns and cities.

Our aim is to help in perfect & effective execution in the least possible time……..

Our team is well equipped with vast experience in FMCG, garments, salon fields and has handled almost all important aspects of these businesses. Be it a product launch, go to market strategy, creating distribution infrastructure, managing logistics, creating an effective marketing mix, monitor distribution we have done it all.

We are different from the host of the many run of the mill companies who are all into market research, sales trends, market potential, purchase patterns, buying behaviors’ and other demographics. All based on a handful of outlet concentrated mostly in metros and mini metros and resulting in extrapolated & estimated information, which may not be reliable & accurate at all times.

We present to you a company with ‘Real time’ market information in the form of real time market data which has multiple usages over long periods. You can track distribution, find gaps in distribution, plan targeted distribution, plan launches of niche products, plan your manpower, plan coverage & the list is endless As the information is not extrapolated, you can be very precise, targeted & highly effective in your execution. There hardly any company in India armed with such information.

Contact us………you will not be disappointed.