How do I become an associate? How will it help me?

We look forward to expanding our team and are constantly on the look out for like minded people from all over India to work for us. There are options to work from home or at one`s own convenience. If you have worked in the sales & marketing field with any reputed organization, for min 10 years, if you have just quit a job and are looking for something that suits your field, if you are looking for income avenues outside your current profession / engagement for additional income, you can become an associate. There are various options for income including providing data for your town/city/state, doing market projects for us, helping us as a consultant on various projects from time to time. The income will depend on the quantum of work & subject to the time that you wish to dedicated to the project. Please write to us with details about yourself, career and your location, we will get back to you.

I am not able to register myself

Please check the below mentioned before submitting the form: 1. Please check if you have filled all the mandatory fields. 2. Please check if you have filled all relevant data. If you are still not able to register, please send us your details on info@dropin.in and we will help you with the process.

What is this registration for?

This is basically to subscribe for our newsletter and other updates from `Dropin`

I am not able to view sample data.

Please change your combinations and refresh the page. Also please opt for a broader / basic range or combination. This is just a small sample for you to experience the data and look into headings that you can get. This is not the whole data hence very specific combinations may get few details or data.

What all can the data be used for?

There are multiple uses for the data and we are mentioning some below: 1. Companies wishing to plan & implement launching of new products can obtain this i.e. select data by specifics (counters having manned cosmetics counter in a given city / town / state / region) and thus you have real time data to plan and implement a new launch (for e.g. a new color cosmetics range launch). 2. Companies stuck with sales and no growth in any given area can buy our data to check gaps in coverage. 3. The data can be custom made to suit clients needs - By space, by counters with deep freezers, by dedicated display area, selling fresh imported fruits and veggies, minimum shop area etc. 4. New entrants can use the same to appoint new distributors, C&FA`S, Super stockiest etc. 5. The data can be used by companies for planned coverage i.e. City / town launch plan, beat wise coverage plan as it is ready to implement (Just hand over to field force to implement) saving huge time, money & energy. 6. Organizations can look for outsourcing services i.e. training, pack designing, BTL activities, POS designers, consultation etc. 7. Distributors, C&FA`S & Super stockiest can receive queries from companies for distribution in their area by registering themselves. 8. This data can be used multiple fold and it depends entirely on the need of the client.

What is your USP?

This data will find usage with varied clients i.e. Corporate`s, Sales heads, Marketing heads, New entrants in Indian market, Market research agencies & organizations, Distributors, C&FA`s, Super Stockists, Individuals / freelancers in different fields, entrepreneurs etc.

How does one ensure that the data is authentic & reliable?

We have taken several scientific measures to make sure that the data provided is absolutely reliable and authentic. Firstly, people from the same field (i.e. FMCG people for FMCG data) with min 10 yrs of experience collect data from the market. Data once received is checked by our senior team (again from the same field with min 15-20 yrs exp.) and again verified. It is verified a final time by sporadic checks from our tele-calling team to make sure that there are no gaps whatsoever. Data is also refreshed by our team at regular intervals to keep it fresh and updated. This multi layer check assures accuracy and reliability of data.

What do you get in this data?

This is data with remarkable details (eg Retailer name, address, category, dealing in, space, others for Indian retail market. Such data is unique in nature and can be tailor made for your specific usage and requirement.

How is this different from yellow pages?

This data is required for specific purpose and for use by specific people unlike in Yellow pages where the data is generic and of use to public in general. This is also not a mixture of various unconnected data. This is a genre based, specific & segmented database for companies, corporate & individuals for serious professional usage.

What kind of data is this?

This data is an authenticated list of retail outlets, distributors, C&FAs, salons, consultants required for marketing, distributions, product placement, below the line (BTL) activities. This data is fresh, updated, reliable and not extrapolated.