How we Can Help ?

First of all we have real time information on the general trade in India also known as the Indian traditional trade. This is information which is not easily available and especially on a simple & single platform. The information is not easy to collect by any organization. Any Information available on various sites is fragmented, miscellanies, general and incomplete. It is just information which does not mean anything or solve anything.

Most important our information is collected by people who are veterans & have spent considerable time in the same field. Our data is targeted, focused and with a lot of relevant details. There is currently hardly anyone in the industry that has such information available so easily. We cover only A & B class of outlets as these are the ones which constitute majority of the business and products. Our Team monitors the information personally. Our information covers the right trade members as below:

  1. General trade outlets of India (also known as the traditional trade)
  2. Distributors for FMCG products, Cosmetics & relevant products.
  3. CFA’s & Super stockiest for FMCG products, Cosmetics & relevant products.
  4. Hair & beauty Salon’s in India
  5. Garment distributors in India

Our information can be used for various purposes as below:

  1. Product launch
  2. Company launch
  3. Distributor appointment (State or national)
  4. Create entire new infrastructure in India
  5. To find gaps In current coverage.
  6. To increase organic distribution
  7. For special market activation activities.
  8. Key / Top outlets drive

We also provide the vital connection between information & action, which is ‘Analytics’. We can analyze the data for you and suggest solutions for you to implement. The data can be yours, our data or data collected as a project for specific objective. We can analyze it for you and suggest go to market strategy or a marketing strategy based on it.

To round it off we can also be your consultant for any project that you wish to get executed by hiring outsourced expertise.

We can execute crucial actions for you independently or as a team, such as:

  1. Product launch (entire plan)
  2. Go to market strategy
  3. Infrastructure development (making distributors, CFA’s etc.)
  4. Monitoring key outlets sales.
  5. Maintaining display standards in top outlets
  6. Training to organization (sales call, skill building, TQM, Motivational etc.)
  7. Focused coverage and sales monitoring.
  8. Manpower recruitment

‘We help in perfect & smooth execution of your plans to achieve objectives’

As it is best said ‘Time is money’, organizations invest millions and long periods to get to the right information and sometimes by the time they get to it, it is too late for some to turn back and take decisive steps and it is quite possible that valuable time, money and effort is down the drain by that time. What difference will it make if the information required is obtained as soon as you decide what information to get, I am sure professional with a vision will know of the importance of it.

So what if all this is available with just a ‘click’ of the mouse on a single platform.

Organizations & people making strategy’s would love it as it would not only save the millions but also invaluable man-hours, effort & energy.

Our comprehensive insights & inputs into the retailer database, database of various distribution and channel partners, individual experts in various fields ready to assist you is invaluable information to possess for any organization. The planning becomes easier, the execution becomes smooth, the picture becomes crystal clear and there can be targeted availability in a given time frame. The marketing experience becomes different and the BTL seems executable. With our analytics, consulting it is a complete package.

Do have a look and contact us for any information that you may like…..