United Biscuits India

  • Implemented turnaround of the MCvities brand in west & south (Concentrated & targeted distribution).
  • Launch countries like Srilanka, Nepal, Maldives etc.
  • Establish brand superiority in metros Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai & Hyderabad.
  • Identify key outlets and device a strategy around them to leverage maximum sales and gain market leadership in the segment.

Harrison Malayalam Ltd (RPG Company)

  • Conceptualized, created & launched entire new range of premium tea ‘Harrisons Select’.
  • Constructed the brand strategy & future organization approach in place.
  • Total turnaround of Brand ‘Surya’ from 1 cr to 12 cr in an year.
  • Devised ‘Focus’ district strategy, stressed on distribution (width & depth).

Rasna Pvt Ltd.

  • Created a snack food range & launched the first product ‘Toink’ in the North markets.
  • Recruiting, training and managed a core team of sales & marketing professionals, besides distributors & C&FA’s for a mega launch (25000 outlets in two month).
  • Device marketing strategy & entire go to market plan for ‘Rasna fruit plus’ for a successful launch.

Henkel Spic India Ltd

  • Conduct merger of Modi business (Modern home care products) & the Shaw Wallace with Henkel mainline business.
  • Successfully re-launched the ‘Henko Stain Champion’ brand of Detergent in India , followed by other successful launches of some leading brands in the industry (Mr. White, Margo, Fa Deos, Roll on’s, Talc, Fa soaps, Pril (Utencil cleaner) & Neem Tooth paste, Brisk range (glass cleaner, toilet cleaner).

Schwarzkopf professional (Henkel India)

  • Single handily launched from scratch the new business of Henkel hair care cosmetics professional div (Schwarzkopf Professional) and established it as an important player in the professional hair care market.
  • Successful launch of ‘Glatt’ hair straighter and establish it as a market leader in India.
  • Create the partner salon concept & implement it nationally.


Vishal Retail Ltd

  • Created a string of private label products in a short time ( 89 products from concept to launch in 2 months).
  • Create an entire new premium cosmetics range, get it manufactured in Thailand and launch in all stores across India.


  • Successful retail expansion consultancy to many brands such as Blackberrys, Koutons, Buddy Davis, Levis, Primus Retail (Mtv), Weekender, Numero Uno, etc.
  • Monitored & preceded operational performance of franchisees to ensure alignment with corporate profit goals.

IT (Selective)

  • Successfully implemented RFID tracking systems for libraries in Engineering colleges and Polytechnics in Haryana and J&K.
  • Have developed and implemented first of its kind e-learning software for specialized engineering subjects in India.
  • Successfully implemented IT into a distribution venture, again a first of its kind, by bar coding the entire distribution process and automating the Supply Chain.

Trainings conducted

  • Total Quality Management
  • Train The Trainer
  • Effective sales call
  • Selling – Art or Science
  • Effective Logistics & supply chain management.
  • Management behaviour & systems
  • Essentials of supply chain management.
  • Financial management & budget control in profit centres
  • Essential Business practices for new countries
  • Supply chain management- Essentials of food category
  • Team building – Core of an organization
  • Excellence in Managing